History of the farm

In Saanenland for ages

Our family name Raaflaub was first mentioned in Rougemont as early as 1355. Originally, farming was mainly done for self-sufficiency. The cattle were driven up in the summer and the first alps were built.

In the 16th century, new methods were developed to preserve the milk: Bern alpine cheese came into being. This meant that for the first time farmers could also supply traders in the lowlands, Italy and France and earn money as a result.

Nevertheless, mountain farming remained a strenuous business. Our great-grandfather Werner ran a small farm in Saanen.

At home here since 1939

Great-grandfather Werner was able to acquire our present house and the land belonging to it in 1939. The land was farmed without machines during the harsh war years.

It was often the women who ensured the farm's survival during the period of military service.

At that time, the farmers were obliged to grow grain and potatoes to supply the Swiss population (Wahlen plan).

After the war, the first agricultural machines also arrived in the mountain region.

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