The Raaflaub family

We are a three-generation family farm. Since 1998, the farm has been managed by Ueli and Marlies. They are supported by Fritz and Martha, Ueli's parents, and by their four children: Salome, Damaris, Daniel and Simon. During the alpine season in summer we also have one or two employees. We are an official civilian employment facility with a maximum of two civilians.

Medium-sized mountain farm

With 13 dairy cows and 10 cattle, we are a medium-sized mountain farm in Gstaad. During the summer we manage our alp with about 20 dairy cows and 20 cattle and produce our own cheese.

Our values

Christian charity

We try to live according to Jesus' values and accept people as they are. For us, this firmly includes that God has made every person wonderful and unique. Honesty and sincerity are very important to us. We want to create an atmosphere in which people feel loved and accepted.

Global solidarity

We care about how the world is doing. Despite the beautiful nature up here, our horizon goes beyond the mountain ranges of Saanenland: we are involved in many ways, for example in the Amnesty group Saanenland. There we help with various actions. As mountain farmers, we sometimes feel like exotics ourselves in this environment.

Everyone has something to say!

«Ich arbeite sehr gerne in der Natur.
Dort fühle ich mich Gott und seiner
Schöpfung nah und verbunden.»

Maries Raaflaub

«Mir liegt das Wohl von Tier, Mensch und Natur am Herzen.»

Ueli Raaflaub

«Ich finde es bewundernswert, wie meine Eltern den Betrieb führen. Am Wochenende komme ich sehr gerne nach Hause.»

Salome Raaflaub

«Working on the hay field in the mountain is one of the highlights of the year for me. The breathtaking view, the physical work and the family cohesion thrill me.»

Damaris Raaflaub

«In my free time I like to ski and be active in sports. The beautiful mountains around Gstaad are ideal for this.»

Daniel Raaflaub

«When it comes to machines, I'm right on board! Even if I actually have school.»

Simon Raaflaub

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